What is the difference between PDF documents and Word documents


PDF and Word are currently two common document formats on computers, and there are significant differences between them. Let's take a closer look.

PDF Document Overview

PDF is a format that facilitates file sharing and printing, originally introduced by Adobe. PDF files can be displayed in the same way on different operating systems and software platforms, and the format is similar to that of paper files. The advantage of this format is that it preserves the style and structure of the original document while also having a high degree of security.

Word Document Overview

Word documents were introduced by Microsoft and are currently one of the most common document formats. It has the advantages of being editable and formatted, allowing users to perform any editing, design, layout, and other operations on the document. In this way, Word documents are excellent in handling text and tables.

The main differences between PDF and Word

The biggest difference between PDF and Word lies in their file format and functionality. Let's take a detailed look at the three main differences:

1. Different file formats

PDF is a non editable format, while Word is an editable format. In Word documents, users can freely edit, copy, and paste content. PDF files cannot be edited, and once saved, they cannot be modified again.

2. Different functions

In contrast, PDF files can be digitally signed and can only be accessed through protocol passwords, providing high security. Word documents have many other types of editing functions, such as tabulation, freehand drawing, and adding hyperlinks. Word can also insert multimedia files, background images, and set page margins.

3. Different applicable environments

PDF files are convenient for users to view and print online, as they are not limited by any specific operating system or software platform. Word documents are excellent in handling text and tables, making them more suitable for efficient writing, editing, and formatting of large amounts of text.


The above are the main differences between PDF and Word, and we can choose which document format to use based on our needs. If you need to print and share files, then PDF files are more suitable; If you need to edit a document or process a large amount of text, then Word documents are more practical.